In addition to the current work in the Philippines, the SSIO has provided relief immediately following the major earthquake in Haiti, tsunami relief in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand, earthquake relief in El Salvador, Indonesia, Peru, Italy and flood relief in Myanmar and Mexico - to name a few. The hallmark of the work has always been an emphasis on timely and immediate intervention with long-term care delivered as needed for the local population.

Recent work in Haiti delivered with such dedication and care, has received praise from officials. On 2nd February 2013, the Ministry of Social Affairs in Haiti awarded a Certificate of Excellence to Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation for outstanding dedication to the children of Haiti since the events of 12th January 2010, and recognised the Foundation as one of the five best service organisations working in Haiti since the earthquake

Due to its world-wide disaster relief work, the SSIO has developed volunteer guidelines to help prepare for the delivery of immediate and long-term relief in areas devastated by natural disasters.